Want to help Bikelite on its mission to improve everyone’s cycling experience?

Do you want to help Bikelite to improve the security for everyone on the streets and change the way we live the cities? The creators of Bikelite, we define ourselves as urban visionaries. Since 2017 we are striving to make Bikelite a reality, a reliable and safe system that will allow to transform urban cycling, generate safer streets and a better road coexistence for everyone. But producing an excellent product and improve it constantly has proved to be an expensive and difficult process. That’s why we thank the users of the Bikelite community, whom allowed us to keep going thanks to its generous donations, which without them would be impossible to make this idea come true.

If you want to help us to keep growing you can do it by donating to any of our funding channels, your contribution will fund software and hardware improvements on the Bikelite system. You can choose between PayPal, our crowdfunding site or virtually any way. We also really appreciate the feedback you can give use, which will allow us to keep on improving the services we deliver to our comunity by sending us an e-mail here: hey@bikelite.io

‘If you can change the street, you can change the world.’ – Janette Sadik-Khan